BDHS '65 Fortieth Reunion, old BDHS Cafeteria, June 11, 2005

Bob Hayden Photos, page 3

Jerry Chitwood, Cathy Sheets, history teacher Miss Brown


Tim Oliver, his wife, Ellen Snowden Cope, Chuck Farnsley, side of somebody's head, Paul Turner, John Phillips, Jan Tigner Farnsley.  In background:  Bob Lasher, ?, ?.  Donna Burkhead Blevins at far right.


Donna Burkhead Blevins, Susan Brinkley Watkins, Fayrene Smith, Chris Macey's wife Pat (red), Rick Cox (beard), Mike Gorsage (black shirt), Chris Macey (blue shirt), ?, Carol Murray in lavender blouse.


Bill Shackleford in black shirt with back to camera, Chris Macey's wife Pat in red shirt



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