High School Registration Sites

Ben Davis High School Sites With Free Registration

There are several high school web sites with Ben Davis pages. You may register your current information at each of these sites, and view the information listed by other people. This is handy if you want to contact friends who were not in our class, or who went to other schools. Also, many of our classmates will find these commercial sites before they find this Class of '65 site.
For your best chance of having old friends find you, register at each of these sites. Registration is free at all of them.

Click on These Links
This is by far the most complete and most-used alumni site. You may post your information free, though you must "join" by paying $36.00 to see bios and to access email addresses of classmates.
But wait--nonpayers may use the bulletin boards. So you can post your email address there for everyone to see, and you can read and leave messages for classmates. Often you can find email addresses on these bulletin boards, even though you cannot get them through the student listings. 132 BDHS '65 names.

Used to be free, now charges to access most services. I think you can still register and send email for free. 37 BDHS '65 names.

A free site, with bulletin board, but very few members. 19 BDHS '65 names.

Names and email addresses only. Eight BDHS '65 names.

School Buddies
Complicated to use, doesn't seem to work right, very few users. Bios and photos. Two BDHS '65 names.

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