Identify your classmates!  These people attended our Labor Day picnic.  Answers at bottom of page.


Row 1: Betty Gibson, Bob Lasher, Cheryl Kelly, Carol Murray, Cathy Sheets
Row 2: David Dean, Dale Fox, Dan Hughes, Dottie Miller, Dave Sharp
Row 3: Glen Archer, Jerry Barker, Jerry Featherstone, Jim Lee, Jim Ristow
Row 4: Jean Knight, Lewis Shake, Patti Neuhaus, Ron Law, Steve Covert
Row 5: Suzie German, Wayne Garrison, Stan Reddick
Row 6: Doris Quinlan and Mike Linn. Doris and Mike must have broken the camera but luckily I had other recent photos of both of them.

And finally, here's a look at Indianapolis Chief of Police (and BDHS '65 grad) Jerry Barker wearing his Westlake Beach Club shirt (thanks for the idea Dale Fox).

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