This is the 4th grade class at Wayne Township School # 3, courtesy Susan Brinkley Watkins.  She identifies them thusly:

Top Row (left to right)
Phil Rollins
Della Ross
Paul Turner
Paul Bailey
Mary Bastin
Sue Ritter
R. Gilliam

Second Row (from top - left to right)
O.C. Hope
Barbara Tannar
David Moore
Principal: Paul Fitch 
Vicki B
Teacher: Miss Wade
Bill Burke
Ray Willes
Cynthia Walton

Third row (from top - left to right)
Myra Syphers
Dick Burke
Marilyn Carson
Steve Ray 

Fourth row (from top - left to right):
Jim Miles 
Georgia Ramsey
Jon Bath
JoAnn Archer
Earl Matthews
Jeff Eaton
Marilyn Watkins 
Jeff LaMar
Ralph Brewer

Bottom Row (left to right):
Ivy Girton
Roy Schafer
Roland Hawkins
Mary Beth Sheppard
Billy Craig
Vicki Payne
Chris Macey
Marla Fouch

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