Sanders Elementary, 7th Grade, 1959-60, courtesy Dala Best

A. L. Sanders Elementary, 7th grade, 1959-60, courtesy Dala Best Stahley

Because the desks aren't in straight lines, the kids are identified by columns rather than rows starting at the far left with the kids against the wall:

Far left column: Judy Smith, Kenneth Weekly, Nancy Wilson

Second column: Wanda Neill, Cookie Cook, Dala Best, Gerald Miller, Rachel Johnson

Third column: Linda Shepard, Rodger Stevens, Wayman Waites, Herb Mann, Bob Farr

Fourth column: Phil Crouch, Danny Meador, James Waites, Ronald Parrott, Donald Parrott

Fifth column: Gerry Lashbrook, Shirley Taylor, Lela Ralston, Martha Allen, Mary Knox

Sixth (far right) column: Tim Spillman, Royce Keeling, Bill Shackleford

(Teachers in back not identified)