This is the 8th grade class at Garden City, courtesy George Lazell.  He identifies them thusly:

Back Row:  Tracy Tutor  Ruger Gunkel  Jerry McIntyre  Danny Hale  Jim Crockett  Larry Morton  George Lazzell  Rodney Boger  Steve Burkett  Michael Gorsage  Skip Love  Jim Burton  George Dowdell  Jim Lapossa  Dale Workman.

Middle Row:  Mrs Hoffa  Patti Benge  ??  Peggy Lucas  Marjorie Frederick?  Cecelia Schaffer  Janet Pingleton  Leliah Gilmore  Sharon Hunley  Mary Holcolm  Anita Hartman  Ellen MacKinnon  Jackie Carrol  Linda Ryan ??  Beverly ?  Edith Buckley  Barbara Manors  Stephanie Farmer  Sharon Lynn  ??  Sheila ??  Mr. Price  Mr. Archer. 

First Row:  Bob Nevitt  Bill Parker  Phil Franklin  Louis Hutsell  Bob English  Sally ??  Joyce Scott  Phyllis Majors  Sharon Wright  ??  ??  Tom Hutchins  Wayne Clayton  Richard Dierdorff  Ray Cox ? 

So what about the guys in front?  They look to me like Tom Brumagen,  ??, and John Moore.

Here is the same photo, enlarged into three sections:

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