How This Site Happened...

On Martin Luther King weekend 2000, I got a phone call from BDHS '65 grad Bruce Jackson, who works at a hotel in Japan. He thought I was in charge of the Reunion Committee. (I didn't even know there WAS a Reunion Committee). 

Anyway, we chatted for a half-hour (his nickel), and afterwards I thought, I've got a 3-day weekend with nothing planned; why not drag out the old yearbook, put the pictures on line, and set up a "connection center" where the Class of '65 can get reacquainted?

Thus was born this Online Yearbook. 

I later learned how Bruce got my name. Ben Davis has a home page, and one of the subpages is a list of BDHS Sports Highlights. The list went back to the late 70's, period, and I emailed them with the suggestion that perhaps the 1965 basketball team was worthy of inclusion. I'm sure you remember that the eventual state champion Indianapolis Washington lost just 2 games that season--one to Manual, and the other to Ben Davis. 

Well. Not only did they add the info to the sports page (unfortunately butchering what I had told them), but they also listed me as the 1965 Class Representative on their web site! 

So. I didn't ask for it, but since I was now the Class Rep, I decided to represent the class the best way I knew how.  And I am pleased and proud to have been able to get the ball rolling on three major projects:

1.  This online yearbook.

2.  The annual informal Labor Day Sunday Class Reunion Picnic.

3.  The wild and wacky BDHS'65 Bulletin Board.


 If you have comments or suggestions, please drop me a note.

And if I don't hear from you otherwise, I'll see you at the next picnic.

---Dan (check out my spiffy home page)

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